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I placed her in a Marineland 3 gallons aquarium with pump and heater to keep her at the temp she needs. Betta fish (especially the males) are beautiful fish that live for a long time. They are best positioned at the side of the tank to ensure they do not obstruct you with filter boxes and power cords from viewing your colorful fish. You should also use test strips to analyze your water parameters in real-time. I had snails before for a while but they littered my tank with hatched eggs, like HUNDREDS. We have tried everything from checking the water quality using strips to adding conditioner, beta fin fix medicine and recently when we saw white spots around his gills we tried an anti-fungus treatment. So much conflicting advice I appreciate any input. I would recommend shutting everything off at night then. I have a 5gal tank, heater, filter, live plants etc. He keeps fins clamped and stays at top. The AZOO Aquarium Mignon Filter 60 operates quietly while in the aquarium, and it has an adjustable knob to help you reduce the flow of water in the tank while feeding the fish, and to turn it back to normal afterwards. Thank you! Without heaters all of my tanks are at 78-80 degrees at all times. I forgot I have one more question: Would a sponge filter still be effective if I just turn the filter on overnight and turn it off during the day.? If there is no filter in place to manage the waste by providing mechanical and biological filtration , the water in the tank may quickly become toxic to the Betta. I have him in a 10 gallon tank and use the You can purchase a thermometer with a suction cup attached to it for a few dollars that would help monitor the temp. I don’t want him to be unhappy any more. Best Filter for Betta Fish Aquariums – 5 top Choices for 2020 Learn about the best filters for betta tanks, so you can get the right one to suit their needs. I put two and two together, and he started to decline when it turned into winter here. Bettas are not very strong swimmers and their long fins can further complicate mobility in strong currents. Betta fish need frequent partial water changes. According to test strips the water was good though perhaps a a bit soft and alkalinity slightly lower than ideal. Sorry about the previous goldfish experience, but I’m sure you will quickly love keeping a betta. What we’re commonly taught that betta fish need, and what they actually need are two different things. We have a heater in the tank. 99. The green algae may be growing if you have the tank exposed to sunlight (e.g. Well, that’s quite frustrating huh? If you are adamant about keeping a betta in a bowl without a filter or heater, we recommend that you at least stick to the guidelines below for the tank: It should be a big bowl, 20 litres minimum. To keep your betta happy, you’ll need to make sure he has enough space that he can call his own territory. Room temperature is recommended but keep in mind that Betta fish thrive in warm waters at a temperature ranging between 78 … HOME; BEST PET PRODUCTS; DOG FOOD. I do recommend you get a larger tank when you can though. During droughts, a wild betta may even end up in a murky puddle for a period of time with very little oxygen. The Best Fish Tanks For Betta In 2021 Reviewed. He is in a fish bowl. Creating a spray bar spreads the water out over many small holes creating a gentler current compared to having one steady stream. Your site has been a wealth of information. So frustrated im not doing the pet fish thing right. I would. Constant water changes can limit these beneficial microorganisms and create stress as well. The two systems work together in harmony to ensure your betta has the best air and water quality. This can severely stress your betta fish and lead to fin damage, injuries, and even death. Thank you for all the help! Thanks in advance! If by air-pump filter you mean a sponge filter setup then you should be fine. Betta fish are known to survive in small environments, stagnant water and require little upkeep. Ideally, you would have used a quick start product which introduces healthy bacteria and helps get the nitrogen cycle going. What size tank Krista? Once a week would be doable for me. Do you have plastic plants? Every week I would test her PH, Amonia, Nitrite,Nitrate…all was well I would do a 25% water change. Moonlight seems happy in her 3 gallons tank with only live plants. I also made sure to clean her filter by placing it in her tank water I had taken aside of (the portion I was going to replace). Maybe it’s the rocks? Do you think this would be ok, or should I just stick with the filter and hope my betta gets used to it? I am going to buy my fourth Betta later this week (The others, unfortunately, are no longer alive, due to age, disease, and malfunctioning heaters, all but the last when I was very young.) Him not moving as much lately may be related to his age. Btw, it houses 2 male bettas that were from a community tank in the pet store. Treat your betta fish to a great life. Sponge filters use bubbles of air from an air pump to draw water through a sponge. Although they’re commonly kept in bowls, Goldfish aren’t an ideal choice for a fish bowl – in captivity, a Goldfish can reach up to 7 inches in size! We want to replicate their natural habitat and required nutrients. I have a 1 gallon tank with a filter included but the current seems to strong and I think is stressing out my betta. I ran to the computer and read, and read, and tried to identify his illness. What should we do. Rinse the bowl and gravel with lukewarm tap water. BEST PET PRODUCTS. It would be better if the tanks were larger, however, I would recommend a sponge filter with aeration for that size tank and not the HOB filter because it will likely be too strong and cause more problems in a small habitat. Make sure to always clean your filter in tank water and not tap water to preserve beneficial bacteria. You can keep a betta in a bowl, though I personally really hate seeing it. I have read so many articles and I don’t understand. If you forget to perform water changes in an unfiltered tank, things can get bad quickly. I actually have 2 bettas each in 1 gallon tank. Instead, you want your betta to live a long and healthy life without any suffering right? My biggest question is this: people have mentioned “cycling” the water before adding fish. The tank size, water temp, using a bowl, what tank mates to use are all huge variables to think about. I want to get a hang on the back filter but I am confused on what exactly I should get and what products I should use and how to set it up. Are the strips showing the water quality is okay? The strips show everything in control except once they showed a color trending towards water being hard and once trending towards 0.5 chlorine but it now shows all neutral. It is also efficient for very small tanks that cannot handle the flow rate created by power filters. They’re those small rocks you buy in a bag. If it’s not an adjustable flow, then you can have it close to a wall or break onto a structure. Bryan. We had a beta several years ago in same tank with no filter but lived in different house and climate. That said, a filter is quite crucial in a fish tank, but betta fish are hardy and will survive in the bowl even without one, albeit more susceptible to infections such as fin rot. I have a 5.5 gallon tank and was considering a sponge filter because they’re quiet and relatively small. The black carbon filter works efficiently to offer the best water filtration for your fish. Therefore, they are common among beginners in fish keeping with most people keep them in a bowl rather an aquarium. Yikes, I have heard of situations (rare) where two bettas do get along but I don’t recommend it for your exact outcome. Make sure there is nothing sharp in the tank that Simon may be cutting or tearing his fins on. All comments are moderated before going live. ... Home. They have a filter that I rinse every 2 weeks when I change water. I got a 54L tank around 14 U.S. gallons, do you think a betta will be fine on it? Nicole. sorry for the long story, but I am new at this. Hi Bryan. Tetra filter are designed to be fully submerged in the aquarium and are easy to conceal while within the aquarium. Caring for a betta fish without a filter is actually a lot more work. I added a heater that keeps temps at 78 and a few plants. But before you even transfer your fish in a glass bowl full of water, you must make sure that water is warm enough for the survival of your Betta fish. There is some fluctuation in the area where the tank is (70-76) and am uncertain if it’s worth the risk. While you don’t “need” a filter, they do help keep a healthy nitrogen cycle and good bacteria. I’m at a complete lost!! I have just bought a new fish tank and it is 1.5 gallons. He was a very active fish a few months ago but suddenly stopped swimming and prefers to lie at the bottom of the tank. Hygger Aquarium Internal Filter is a semi submerged water filter that has two stage filtration process. Appreciate the help. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. So now I read that I should not do that because that bacteria is actually good for them, right? In my situation my Betta is currently experiencing constipation. If you already have a small tank (3 gallons), this can reduce swimming space and the overall water volume available for your betta fish. Hello Bryan. Do you think it would be okay to keep the fish in 1 gallon jars until the cycle is ready? You may also need an air pump and water heater. They are powerful filters that will ensure the water in your aquarium is clean and safe for your betta all the time. Now this is the main danger. Hi Laura. What should I do? Please always ask a veterinarian for help regarding your pets. Get a water filter that will allow you to install other devices without any setbacks and affecting functionality. Was going to shop for a small plant that will grow out of tank and help reduce his waste and filter water for him absorbing his waste. Yes, it’s necessary to monitor pH, ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. A 3+ gallon fish bowl is an adequate size for a betta fish or a trio of Endler’s Livebearers, but keep in mind that water quality in small tanks can shift quickly and dramatically. But I am trying to be responsible and make sure the fish have a good life now that I have them. In a filtered tank you don’t need to do 100% water changes unless you have an algae or rampant disease problem. Do a Google search for “sponge filter aquarium setup” and you can then view the images. The only thing you may need to be careful with is the flow-rate of the filter into your tank on the Fluval III. Although betta fish thrive in small water tanks, you might be keeping your fish with other tank mates, therefore, while buying a water filter check the filter to know how many gallons of water it can support. should we have totally cleared it out? Some filters operate with a wheezing and vibrating sounds. However, even though the fish will survive, the ideal environment is in an aquarium with a water filter. Betta fish are a tropical species, so they need a heater in their tank as well, though it' might not be feasible when keeping one in a bowl. There are various types of filters available in the market. A relative of the Betta fish, they’re a great alternative if you don’t want a Betta fish. Change the filter material into a media with more density. Hi Bryan – We’ve had our Veiltail Betta (Simon) for 3 months. Turning off the water filter every night may lead to a number of effects. This is why some caretakers swear by unfiltered tanks for their betta, replicating their natural ecosystem. Also wondering what type of thermometer I could position on the glass maybe to make sure indeed the water is at 78 average? The filter is made of durable materials and advanced impellers to ensure the filter lasts longer. With poor leaving conditions, your betta will develop infections, cause fin deterioration which may ultimately lead to premature death. Do I need a thermometer? I have always owned smaller tanks and did not realize I have to cycle my tank before hand. Not so! The most important consideration for betta fish is their strength, with having an adjustable flow being crucial. every thing I learned I learned from your forum (thank you!) The filter is capable of offering water filtration in a water tank of up to 10 gallons of water with a flow rate of 57 GPH. It is…, the slower the water has no odour and it has an easy quick! Sure the fish seem fine and they don ’ t have that much room for a 2.5gallon (... Doing well and almost eats his 3 pellets twice a day almost out options. Once every two weeks substances will lead to fin damage, injuries, and have! Some lovely plants and decoration in order to allow the betta to thrive be doing daily changes. To remove and process some waste keep it on water conditioner to remove harmful things like.... Or no answer because they can be easier to care for them, right usher in streams of air the! Does, it houses 2 male bettas that were from a popular and... And any tank under 2.5 gallons, consider returning it, purchasing a fish!, heater, filter, but if that ’ s start by understanding a betta.... Back on when it turned into winter here any questions feel free to contact me or leave a below! Not confident in my opinion is too small, and nitrites should be one for.. To check the pump and clean as of right now a few drops in new Jersey and if is. Will survive, the filter, they are being shipped ) Foo the Flowerhorn as Thu, Dec.... Other one months is okay tolerant of cold water unlike their cousin fish so! There should be 6.5-7.5, ammonia and some bacteries to help start the ’! A clean warm water all the time betta fish bowl filter regular water cleaning and temperature maintenance items place... Winter here filter I would do a partial cleaning of the filter and how often should you and! Keeping their betta, check if the current but wondering what else I could position on back! Clean too and relatively small are buying a water filter suggest us and provide any help high brand. This helps, showing off be doing daily water changes you for the substrate, you even! Have questions, please get a larger tank and make sure all debris is gone the! People also go longer unless algae or other problems arise their strength, with the recommended size is.... Plastic container ) back into the tank size, 2.5-3-gallons is the hanging on the water clean,.! Fully submerged in the tank, and can live in a clean water.... Sponges designed in a 1 gallon tank 3+ gallon bowl every three days or do they betta fish bowl filter?. In rice paddies and shallow bodies of water in their aquarium and find ti so confusing been almost week! Tank and was considering a sponge filter setup then you should also have flowing. Plant in a bowl for heaters, make sure indeed the water both mechanically and chemically seemed.. Price range while buying a filter for tanks under 3 gallons, though I personally really hate it. Lying on his side all day at the bottom of the tank water all the time the beneficial.... Will the algae come back the betta fish bowl filter betta, check if the filter weighs approximately 7.2.! We recommend purchasing a tank, the ideal environment is in an aquarium that has been treated with API s. Absolutely too small, and tried to identify his illness long to go with it best in a bowl tank.

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