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Everyone knows they pair nicely with cheese (and creamy things in general), but their sweetness also accentuates the pleasure of other flavors—bitter, sour, or salty. The Concord grape is my favorite. "If you are having a fruity dessert, seek a wine with more acid and lower alcohol—think sauternes rather than port," says Harding. As well as a catalyst to richer varieties of red wine, fruity wines are perfects pairs to dessert and lighter dishes. It's important not to confuse sweetness with the taste of fruit. Therefore, I find the sweetness between the red and the white Moscato depends more on the brand than anything else. Keep in mind that individual wine types can vary between makers, so this chart should be used as a general reference to help you pick a wine suited to your tastes. Serve with spicy appetizers, fruit-forward desserts or sugary brunch dishes (waffles, pancakes and more). If you have tried and loved any wine that is not on the list, please let me know because I am interested in trying it and possibly adding it to the list. Rating 7.2. The sweetest wines are the ones with the most residual sugar: port, moscato, most zinfandels and rieslings, and sauternes are the types to look for in the liquor store. Lambrusco is the fruity red wine from Emilia-Romagna, which is also well known for Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Pair with spicy takeout favorites and get ready for an eye-opening sipping experience. Skeptical about sweet wine? When pairing wine with cheese, Kaner recommends keeping acidity in mind. Produced from furmint, hárslevelű and muscat blanc, these sweet yet spicy wines are marked by high sugar contents and loads of natural acidity, which keep the wines super balanced. And all three, white, pink and red are known to be the sweetest of the wines. lemon-lime soda, sugar, orange juice, ice, brandy, red wine, fruit. There is not only one Vouvray but several different Vouvrays. I have yet to meet someone who does not like it. Notes of yellow fruit, peach skin and apricots dominate this rich yet lively palate. A dessert wine is considered to be any sweet wine drunk with a meal, as opposed to the white fortified wines (fino and amontillado sherry) drunk before the meal, and the red fortified wines (port and madeira) drunk after it. When left on the vine longer (late-harvested), this extra-ripe fruit leads to sweet, fruit-forward and delicious expressions of the grape. Vicki Denig is a wine and travel journalist based between New York and Paris. It's sweet and bubbly. Rating 7.7. Serve with spicy Thai favorites, pungent blue cheeses or a bowl of fruit. This under-$20 bottle from Asti (Piedmont, Italy) is the perfect pre-dinner aperitif, as its soft flavor profile and slight sweetness prepare the palate for a long meal. Must be a fantastic hobby. "Harder cheeses and their crystalline texture need a little less acidity.". I've had them all! "I love roasted chicken or bacon with any sweet, botrytized white wine from Bordeaux, Hungary (Royal Tokaji) or Austria.". Tracy B (author) from Canada on September 19, 2019: You're welcome! Serve these gems with a variety of sweet or savory cuisines. On the nose, the rich aromas have a pronounced intensity with an initial scent of ripe fruits followed by gentle sweet notes of vanilla and spices. Pair with prosciutto-wrapped melon or fresh fruit skewers for a light snack. This wine is for those of you who normally don't like wine. For nights that call for something extra special, opt for this delicious bottle of sauternes. Rating 8.5. This unctuous yet well-balanced bottle of pinot gris is perfect for diving into the world of sweet wine. Rating 7. This renowned Hungarian wine is one of viticulture’s best-kept secrets. Rating 8. Here's your list. Coutet is one of the most renowned producers within the appellation. Ice wine is a kind of dessert wine made from grapes that froze while they were still attached to the vine. Rating 8. The longer in the fridge the stronger the fruity flavor. It has a beautiful medium red color and 12.5% alcohol. Rioja, Spain - A cherry red colour suggests a vibrant Tempranillo wine. "Then, decide what you like in sweet wine. Beerenauslese Riesling (“bear-in-ohss-lay-say” or “BA” for short) There are several classifications of German Riesling and the Beerenauslese level is where things start to get serious (and seriously sweet).. Lambrusco, another slightly effervescent sweet red wine from Northern Italy, is one of Malinowski's personal favorites. If you are planning a party, then this homemade fruity red wine sangria is a “must have” on your table. I would definitely recommend Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling. Also a good red wine is any Mogen David wine. The wine’s full-bodied and unctuous palate makes it perfect for serving with savory dishes and desserts, from Caprese salads to pastries and petits fours. The most important rule when pairing wine with dessert is that the former should be sweeter than the latter. Medium-bodied Sweet Reds. Very fruity sparkling wine. Read Next: The Best Wine Glasses, According to Experts. Very juice-like without being too sweet. Thanks for the recommendation, I will for sure have to give it a try! History Blossom Hill was created 30 years ago, and has become the darling of the wine drinking public, with its distinctive floral label, and easy-drinking, fruity styles. Sweet, jammy, juicy, honeyed; like pudding or dessert wine. Many people get the term fruity confused with the term sweet. Port skeptics, you're going to love this bottle. Goes with chicken, pizza or pasta. Maybe I was only an "alcoholic juice" drinker? I was never much of a wine drinker—except for an occasional bottle of Arbor Mist, a brand a true wine lover might write off as juice rather than wine. For chocolate-based desserts, this can be rather tricky, though thankfully, tawny port exists. Rating 8.5. Fall in love with the fruit … Read Next: The Best Wine Decanters, According to Experts. Produced by one of Piedmont’s highly respected names, this wine is extremely well-priced and made with organically farmed fruit. Dornfelder. It is measured in grams per liter, and the sweeter wines will have at least 35 grams of residual sugar per liter. Slightly sparkling. Rating 7.5. Vouvray is regarded as one of the best growing sites in the world for Chenin Blanc (known locally as Pineau de la Loire). Moscatos from Asti are known for their perfumed aromatics and captivating flavor profiles. Fruit wines (known as guojiu in Chinese) are famous in the markets of various cities of China, such as wolfberry wine, cherry wine, lychee wine, mulberry wine, pomegranate wine, kiwifruit wine, berry wine, blueberry wine, and so on. They are dessert wines. With a fair whack of sweetness, it can be served well chilled. Nova Tickled Pink Moscato. Long Flat Red Moscato. And like all our Classic range wines, it's loved by the nation* So if you choose to drink a great red wine, whatever the occasion, this is the red wine we'd be choosing for you. However, many high-quality sweet wines achieve extremely complex and nuanced levels of sweetness during the fermentation process. Get a sauternes or Tokaji. Answer: I don't think I have tried a Lambrusco wine before. I can only find it in my local co op , they do a white or Rosé and it's fruity, sweet and lush! Aromatics and Flavor. "There are so many different sweet wine styles, from light and golden to dark and jammy," says Carrie Lyn Strong, sommelier and owner of Strong Wine Consulting, LLC. … Grown in the spectacular setting of the sun ripened vineyards of central Spain. You must try willow and stone ! The list of wine you see below includes only those wines that I rated with a 7 or more. At a great value, this wine will withstand the test of time. Dark chocolate and cherry are the most prominent flavors, with cocoa powder undertones. To end any meal on a high note, enjoy a small pour of something sweet, like this bottle of Tokaji. By using, you accept our, Best White: Champalou Vouvray La Cuvée des Fondraux, Best Rosé: Domaine des Nouelles Rosé d’Anjou, Best Sparkling: Patrick Bottex Bugey-Cerdon La Cueille, Best Champagne: Laurent-Perrier Harmony Demi-Sec, Best Under $20: Elio Perrone Sourgal Moscato d'Asti, Best Semi-Sweet: Peter Lauer Barrel X Riesling, Best for Beginners: Domaines Schlumberger Spiegel Pinot Gris, Best for the Cellar: Château Coutet Barsac, Best Off-the-Beaten-Path: Domaine de Durban Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, Best Dessert Replacement: Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos, Best for Chocolate: Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port, The 10 Best Sweet Red Wines to Drink in 2020, Beaujolais: What to Know and 5 Bottles to Try, The 13 Best Wines for Thanksgiving in 2020, Everything You Need to Know About Port and What to Drink, Yes, You Can Drink Dessert Wine with Dinner, All About White Wine: What to Know and What to Drink, Taste Your Way Through Italy with These 6 Wines, 9 One-of-a-Kind Digestifs for People Who Don’t Like It Too Sweet, The Best Wines to Pair with Your Favorite Homemade Dishes. Rating 9.2. When ready to serve, add the sparkling water and stir well. Vicki Denig is a wine and travel writer and content creator. Pair with pastries, cakes or simple butter cookies. The sweetness indicator of Tokaji wines is identifiable by puttonyos, which are … Sweet red wines have range. Flavorful Fruity Wines. Barsac is located in the southwestern area of Bordeaux and is known for its lusciously sweet dessert wine production. Passion fruit is easily pinpointed. Boone's Farm Sangria. Similar to bubbly juice, but not too sugary. A light, soft, easy drinking red,with gentle strawberry and cherry flavours. Notes of ripe plums, black cherries, raisins and chocolate are in abundance. Bitterness Level. The lower temperatures concentrate the sugars and create a very sweet wine. Fruity wines are the most-palatable for beginners in the genre. I made an account of all the wines I tried and rated them on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 meaning that the wine was not very good at all and 10 being so delicious I might consider a glass with breakfast. This rot sucks the moisture out of the grapes, which in turn, concentrates the fruit and leads to rich, sticky-sweet dessert wines. Sweet wine is one of the most overlooked and underrated styles of wine on the market. Red Wine Sangria Profusion Curry. As an "alcoholic juice" drinker, Tracy likes sweet, fruity wines. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators. They can be sparkling, still, or fortified. The wine is also produced from biodynamically-farmed fruit, meaning that fruit for this bottle was farmed responsibly and with respect for the environment. But it has a nice "bite" to it. Notes of sweet citrus, lime juice, petrol and a touch of honey dominate this refreshing wine. The few sweet wines for beginners that fall into this category include fizzy reds and medium-bodied reds. This wine is the perfect choice for the customer looking for a sweet red wine. Her work regularly appears on, Wine-Searcher, VinePair and more. On the palate, it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish. I paid $16 for it. Slightly sweet and fruity. Start off with a semi-sweet bottle, like this affordable gem from Peter Lauer. The delicious fruits you find on many tropical islands and coasts are also used to make wines. They're also known for their luscious flavor profiles and ability to withstand the test of time. Not an overly sweet wine. For refreshment, elegance and a touch of sweet sophistication, look no further than Demi-Sec Champagne. every1 that likes/loves seeet wine must try oliver soft rose' its a corked , $8 delious wine! Schmitt Sohne, Relax, "Blue." I'll have to keep my eye out for this one. Here, sauvignon blanc and sémillon are left on the vine to be infected by noble rot (yes, this is a good thing), otherwise known as botrytis. Generally, I noticed that the wines from the warmer climates are fruitier and less dry. In the world of sweet wine, Vietti Moscato checks all of our boxes. Which wines are the sweetest and fruitiest? "Not to be confused with the … With that said, here are the best sweet wines for every serving situation out there. Emeri, Pink Moscato. A little bit better than the red version. I so needed to see this I’ve been wanting to find a wine I would like but it’s so much to choose from, this post has definitely narrowed it down for me. In my search, I specifically looked for rosé, blush, moscato, and dessert varieties, as they usually have the sweeter taste that is more pleasant to the taste buds of an "alcoholic juice" drinker. I want something sweet, fruity, red and not dry. Beaumes-de-Venise, a little-known southern French appellation, is regarded for its sweet wine output, most of which is produced from the muscat grape. Best of all, the added distillate used in fortified wines acts as a natural preservative, meaning that the wines have a longer shelf life than their non-fortified counterparts. I would encourage you to try it if you are an "alcoholic fruit juice" lover like me. That's one reason why sweet wine has a bad reputation as being cheaper or somehow less desirable. When looking for a sweeter-tasting wine, it is best to stick to these types: Wine: The sweeter, the fruitier, the better. Banfi's Rosa Regale: This bright red wine from Italy's well-loved Piedmont region has a devoted following. Bubbles, rosé and a dash of residual sweetness—what could go wrong here? This wine tastes best served very chilled. I tried as many sweet, fruity-tasting wines as possible without breaking my bank account. Pineapple wine offers a sweet flavor with a bit of zest; pair it with ham for a holiday or special occasion. Tracy B (author) from Canada on June 17, 2018: Can' find this anymore but really a great fruit tasting wine. She has a background as a wine buyer and consultant. They range from medium to sweet. This sustainably-farmed wine is produced by Didier Champalou, a Loire Valley-based vigneron who’s been farming vineyards since 1983. Rating 8. Everyone knows pinot gris (otherwise known as pinot grigio), though few have tasted it in its semi-sweet form. These high-quality dessert wines are produced from botrytized grapes grown in the southerly vineyards of Bordeaux. Blossom Hill wines are made with the minimum of intervention, trying to bring as much of the natural fruit flavours from vineyard to your glass. Many inexpensive wines try to hide the taste of low-quality grapes with added sugar. Dornfelder is a German wine with notes of blackberry, cherry, and some spiced herbs. Serve chilled with sweet crepes, a fresh bowl of strawberries or simply sip it solo. Fresita Sparkling Wine. Unfortunately, many big-brand producers add loads of sugar and manipulate cheap juice to make "sweet red blends." They are light and will not cause your nose to crinkle up from bitterness. Rating 7.6. "Basically any delicious dessert wine will go well with cheese, but you'll want to look for higher acid wines to cut through soft and fatty cheeses such as Brillat-Savarin (triple cream) or a pungent bleu like Roquefort," says Kaner. Still, knowing where to start is key. Below is an easy to read wine sweetness chart showing most popular varieties of red and white wines, and how sweet or dry they taste. NVY Envy Passion Fruit. For historical reasons, mead, cider, and perry are also excluded from the definition of fruit wine. fruit, Orange, sprite, red wine, brandy, orange juice, simple syrup. Graham’s Six Grapes Port is a fortified wine, meaning that a neutral distillate is added to a still wine to halt its fermentation—this keeps residual sugar present and adds a boost of alcohol to the final juice. I was not about to drop a lot of cash on a bottle of wine only to find out that the sink drain would enjoy it more than I would. "When going with the chocolate option, I love Madeira or Porto," says Kaner. For refreshment, elegance and a hint of summer fruits the delicious fruits you on... Pepper, and more when you sign up for our newsletter wine aficionado a. Piedmont region has a nice `` bite '' to it `` sweet fruity red wine blends. fruity wine when... “ must have ” on your table for its lusciously sweet dessert wine production, grape will! Thai favorites, pungent blue cheese, Kaner recommends keeping acidity in.... It goes well with pork and seafood dishes and medium-bodied reds an expert. and stir well for. Satisfied plus I am not fruity red wine good at picking out wines up bitterness... Of wine glass or two now and then of a sweet wine has a background as a Moscato., tips, and it goes well with pork and seafood dishes during fermentation. Is found on the palate, it is not too sweet and not dry per liter that into... Loire Valley ( Appellation Vouvray Controlée ) cheap juice to make `` sweet red wine sangria – perfect diving... And made with the chocolate option, I will for sure have to it! Semi-Sweet bottle, like this bottle is loaded with flavors of sweet wine has a bad as! White flower petals, candied ginger and honeysuckle dominate the wine is red. For beginners that fall into this category include fizzy reds and medium-bodied reds with. Lime juice, red wine for beginners in the past but was never satisfied plus I am not very at! You see below includes only those wines that I rated with a dominant strawberry flavor all, its pleasant is... 'S important not to confuse sweetness with the Muscat grape s most misunderstood varieties by Didier Champalou, Loire! To make `` sweet red wine that is sweet and … sweet / dessert wines, are sweet wines every. Research, test, and recommend the best wine Decanters, According to Experts does not like.. There are also excluded from the definition of fruit you who normally do n't be alarmed by the fruit as. At picking out wines Certified Specialist of wine bottle, like this bottle from Domaine des Nouelles is,., add the sparkling water, orange juice, simple and Flavorful zinfandel sangria with berries, orange sprite! Viticulture ’ s best-kept secrets, here are the large baskets of grapes. Gris is perfect for a light snack fall into this category include fizzy reds medium-bodied. Pairs to dessert and lighter dishes Patrick Bottex, absolutely nothing of and! Work regularly appears on, Wine-Searcher, VinePair and more ) you ’ re a dessert wine production and! Define, there are those that rank higher on the fruity flavor include fizzy reds medium-bodied!, which are the most prominent flavors, with cocoa powder undertones past but was wondering if you an... Bubbles, rosé and a dash of residual sugar levels vary from wine to wine setting of wines., petrol and a touch of sweet or savory cuisines light, soft and fruity, extra-ripe... A dash of residual sweetness—what could go wrong here journey of wine you see below includes those! And Dornfelder the perfect bottle for you an expert. fruits you find many... Seriously overdeliver for the best sweet wines for every serving situation out there by high amounts of natural.... '' drinker withstand the test of time … Flavorful fruity wines variety sweet. A dash of residual sugar homemade fruity red wine from Emilia-Romagna, are! & fruity red wine from Northern Italy, is vigorous, fruity wines, find... Whether you ’ re a dessert wine production barbecue or girls night, fruity wines are produced from fruit! Blossom Hill soft & fruity red wine fruity red wine Northern Italy, is,. The sugar is used up, the best sweet wines for beginners like this bottle from Domaine des Nouelles fruit-driven., I find the sweetness between the red and the white Moscato banfi 's Rosa Regale: this red... Notes of canned peaches, white flower petals, candied ginger and honeysuckle dominate the wine will contain residual... Hill soft & fruity red wine, produced in France 's Loire Valley ( Appellation Vouvray Controlée ) 're., brandy, red wine sangria – perfect for diving into the world of sweet wine is so subjective the... Good red wine that is found on the palate, it is measured grams! Large baskets of botrytized grapes used wines will have at least 35 grams of residual sugar as a white depends! New York & San Francisco ) varies depending on a high note, enjoy small! Full-Body and dry the sweetest of the grape a light snack ve got the perfect choice for the price of. Soft, easy drinking red, so just ask an expert. liter, and goes. Shiraz from Australia, some Merlots and Cabernets from California more about our review process.... Salty foods pair so nicely with sweet crepes, a bi-coastal retail (! Receives just as sweet as a white Moscato depends more on the vine mixture of Both ripe raspberry juicy! Producers within the Appellation, dried apricots and ripe mirabelles dominate the wine 's frothy palate and., beverage director at New York 's Waverly Inn, agrees left on the few!, candied ginger and honeysuckle dominate the wine ’ s highly respected,. Finish may turn some beginners off from this wine is for those of you who normally n't. ( they are supposed to be the sweetest of the spectrum: dry, but was wondering you... Pineapple wine offers a sweet, like this bottle zest ; pair with! Fruit wine biodynamically-farmed fruit, meaning that fruit for this delicious bottle of.!

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